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Summer Update

July 10, 2011

Spring 2011 was much busier than anticipated. Teaching at Dartmouth College was a phenomenal experience – the students were invariably bright and inquisitive, and it was an honor to be on the other side of podium. But because a ten-week term demands your full attention to the intense exclusion of all else, there is plenty of news to report.

First, I’m thrilled to be joining Washington University in St. Louis as Assistant Professor of Art History and Archaeology. Two classes will be offered this autumn:

  • L01/3442: Tradition and Innovation: Chinese Painting from the 4th to 20th Centuries
  • L01/444: The Forbidden City

As a result of this new position, I will be stepping back my editorial duties at Modern Art Asia to become Editor-at-Large.

This summer I’ve also been privileged to receive a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend for a project titled “The Study of Vision,” which begins a full translation of the eponymous 1735 Chinese manual Shixue 視學 that illustrates and describes how to paint with European-inspired linear perspective and illusionism.

In publication news, two pieces were published in Orientations this spring: “Shooting from the Hip” (April 2011) and “Contemplating Eternity: An Illusionistic Portrait of the Qianlong Emperor’s Heir” (May 2011). An article titled “One or Two, Repictured” has been accepted for the 2012 issue of Archives of Asian Art.

Full details of all this and more can be found on the updated About and Current Projects pages.

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