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Global Art?: Workshop at University of Warwick

February 25, 2011

Global Art?  China and Europe in Early Modern Material & Visual Culture

IAS Seminar Room, Millburn House
University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7HS
25 February 2011
All welcome (no rsvp required)
Workshop Convenor:  Dr Stephen McDowall

In this half-day workshop, part of the Global History & Culture Centre Workshop Series for 2011, we will hear from scholars who have engaged with the images and objects of Sino-European interaction in fascinating and thought-provoking ways, followed by a more general discussion of methodological issues and their application to global history.

13:15    Dr Stephen McDowall:  Welcome
13:20   Prof. David Porter:  Gendered Utopias in Transcultural Context: Chinese Porcelains and English Women’s Writings, c. 1650-1750 (abstract (PDF Document))
14:00    Prof. Carolyn Steedman responds to David Porter
14:15    Questions & discussion (chair: Dr Rosa Salzberg)
14:35    Break
14:55   Dr Kristina Kleutghen:  Performing a ‘Journey to the West’: The Problem of Theatres and Gardens in Sino-European Exchange (abstract (PDF Document))
15:35    Stephen McDowall responds to Kristina Kleutghen
15:50    Questions & discussion (chair: Prof. Maxine Berg)
16:10    Break
16:30   Dr Daniel Rycroft responds:  Art History as Global History
16:45    General discussion (chair: Dr Anne Gerritsen)
17:30    Drinks
18:15    Close

David Porter is Professor of English & Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan.  He is the author of Ideographia: The Chinese Cipher in Early Modern Europe (2001) and The Chinese Taste in Eighteenth-Century England (2010).

Kristina Kleutghen is an independent Chinese art historian specialising in cross-cultural interactions during the Qing dynasty.  She is currently revising a manuscript on monumental illusionistic painting at the eighteenth-century court, and is executive editor of the journal Modern Art Asia.

Daniel Rycroft is Lecturer in the Arts and Cultures of South Asia at the University of East Anglia.  He is the author of Representing Rebellion:  Visual Aspects of Counter-insurgency in Colonial India (2006), co-editor of The Politics of Belonging in India: Becoming Adivasi (2011) and joint editor of the journal World Art.

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