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Spring 2011 Dartmouth College courses

January 31, 2011

ARTH 60: Arts of China: Classical and Contemporary

This course introduces the major themes, works, and issues in Chinese art history, together with modern and contemporary works to show the origins and continuations of the classical tradition. Each class teaches recent works together with the traditional for a clear understanding of how contemporary Chinese art continues to be influenced by the ongoing five-thousand-year trajectory of Chinese art history. Works covered include prehistoric ceramics, ancient ritual and funerary arts, medieval Buddhist arts, major painters and painting genres, traditional and contemporary architecture, gardens, modern art, Mao-era propaganda, and contemporary art through 2010.


ARTH 16.2 The Forbidden City

Since 1420, the Forbidden City has existed as a cultural and political monument at the heart of China. This seminar examines the City as both a site and archetype in late imperial and modern China, and seeks to determine how its “Forbidden” power continues to evolve in the twenty-first century. The first half of the course will explore the art historical identity of the site as ultimate manifestation of imperial Chinese power from 1420 through 1924, as epitomized in its architecture, art, material culture, and the cultural influences of its most important inhabitants. The second half of the course will interpret the broader theoretical role of the Forbidden City in modern times as an evolving political symbol, a major public international museum, the linchpin of Beijing’s urban design strategy, and a continuing trope in contemporary art, design, and visual culture. Virtual site visits through interactive three-dimensional software will allow us to explore the Forbidden City in person. No previous knowledge of Chinese art history or culture is necessary.

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