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Teaching, grad school, and collecting Chinese contemporary art, 12-18 October

October 18, 2009

*As Chinese art collectors turn away from Chinese contemporary art to antiques, it is the artists themselves who are feeling the pinch. However, don’t forget that the first conference specifically for collectors of Chinese contemporary art was also recently held at the 5th annual Songzhuang art festival. Taking the temperature of the New Chinese Collector is proving rather difficult…

*Inside Higher Ed offered some innovative ideas on how to nudge your students out of their midterm doldrums.

*Have you considered that Project Runway might be an idealized metaphor for graduate school?

*Ai Weiwei’s So Sorry opened at Munich’s Haus der Kunst, including two new works created specifically for the show – “Remembering” (2009) about the 2008 Sichuan earthquake and “Soft Ground” (2009), a reproduction in carpet of the 969 stone floor tiles on the floor of the exhibition space.

Ai Weiwi, "Soft Ground" (2009), "Rooted Upon" (2009), "Fairytale" (2007)

Ai Weiwi, "Soft Ground" (2009), "Rooted Upon" (2009), "Fairytale" (2007)

*Although full financial support and intelligent policies will help reform and streamline the process for earning a Humanities Ph.D., according to the new book Educating Scholars: Doctoral Education in the Humanities a good humanities dissertation will still likely take at least six years.

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